offers you a comprehensive high-quality design, pre-media and printing form solution.We have gained our experience with three types of customers:

Packaging printer / Processors

Major retail chains

Manufacturers working in the food, pet food, hygiene and gardening sectors, among others.

MEDIALLIANCE GRAPHIC is a medium-sized independent French enterprise that was established 40 years and has become a go-to partner for companies looking for support with packaging and brand identities. We have honed our expertise through years of experience and are always driven by our customers’ growing needs for skills and services.


Implementation is a crucial stage after design. The creative spirit of your packaging must be preserved and showcased while meticulously adhering to your brand’s visual identity.

To make sure of uniformity across ranges that can sometimes be complex, our teams offer you the required creative adaptations and expansions, both in terms of languages and formats, by pre-empting technical constraints and the number of colours according to printing process.

Using dynamic data content allows us to optimise and respect your production deadlines.


Offset, flexography, rotogravure, dry offset, screen printing or digital printing: in addition to presenting you with a wide array of options, we guarantee that we master each and every one of these printing processes and their constraints.

In the event of the implementation document not being produced by us, we will conduct a feasibility study to adapt the file to the printer’s printing constraints and specifications, irrespective of the material of printing method and while respecting the target.

Thanks to the automation of our flows, we can repeat processes and that, again, saves you time.

Flexible film, cardboard, stickers, PLV, printing transfers … with our expertise, we can easily switch from one process to another or from one material to another. Using our know-how, your packaging can be rolled out with no constraints or limits.


As your expert partner, we naturally support you with the application of new forms and technical upgrades as they come on stream.


Our company is equipped with a production centre with all the latest writing (HD and FHD), engraving and plate technologies. This is a unique facility because it handles the production of photopolymer plates and sleeves, phpo composite sleeves, elastomer sleeves (direct engraving), accessory sleeves (plate holders or spacers) in a single plant.

This arrangement enables us to provide a uniform production process and reduce risks. To ensure quality and respect processing cycles, the centre operates from Monday to Friday without interruption, continuing through the night.

Our plates and slides are tested and selected for various materials and printing machines, depending on the sector.

We are not tied to any particular supplier or brand, so we can offer a wide range of plates suitable for flexible films, corrugated board, compact board, stickers, and more.